Despite my 65 years of age and my burden of preconceived ideas, by means of the techniques applied by Sonia I learned to slowly release the mechanisms that had sustained me previously in an artificially functional life.\r\n\r\nThe therapeutic work includes methods based on diverse sources and schools : from chinese traditional medicine, the ayurveda, budhism, passing through hipnosis, deep relaxation, the practice of Yoga Nidra, even up to homeopathic remedies, mineraltherapy, chromotherapy and flower therapy, all of this accompanied by the practice of diverse methods of mediation which trained my mind. But above all other factors Sonia is a person to whom I could entrust the suffering of my spirit, certain of her integrity and visión of what comprises health not only of the mind but also of the soul, because without a doubt she has a deep moral and spiritual conviction upon which she bases her work with each patient. Despite all the hard and painful moments, in all of these processes I have been able to rely upon the support and quality of affection of an extraordinary therapist and human being. With her help I am beginning to attain serenity and roots in reality, which has allowed me a better concentration in my work and a creative awakening.